First Class Passenger Line at Security

“Excuse me, but what the f*** is up with that?  I have no problem with the idea that people with greater resources can purchases conveniences in the marketplace (like a First or Business Class ticket).  But the airport security checkpoint is a government service manned by government employees…  …Government services should be distributed equally to all – it’s an aspirational principle perhaps often honored only in the breach, but to see it so crassly ignored strikes me as an outrage.”
I’m going to put aside the fact that SFO is manned by a private company.   These lines exist at many airports.

The airlines manage the queue, not TSA.  Therefore, this isn’t the government elevating someone, it is a case of someone “purchas(ing) conveniences in the marketplace.”  But in addition to that, the TSA makes a good point about experienced passenger lines vs. inexperienced.  Elite lines will naturally move more quickly than the regular lines.  Someone who has their shoes, laptops and liquids out will get stuck behind a family trying to manage their items.  But if you have a family stuck behind a family, they are both trying to unload their items at the same time and may not experience the same level of inconvenience.

What do you think of the elite line?  Do you think the choose your own line is better?  Would people make the right choice?  Do you agree with David Post that no sorting should be done pre-security?



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