Club Carlson Adds Southwest as a Partner

Are you filled to the brim with Club Carlson points you may never use?

Club Carlson has added Southwest as a Partner you can transfer your points to:

Club CarlsonSM members can now convert Gold Points® into Southwest Airlines Rapid Rewards Points®. Redeem some of your 27,504 points* today to get one step closer to a reward flight with Southwest Airlines®.

Carlson Rezidor is pleased to offer hotel accommodations around the world, including destinations Southwest Airlines serves, such as Orlando, New Orleans, Phoenix, Minneapolis, Nashville, and more. When redeeming Gold Points for Rapid Rewards Points, you will earn:

  • 250 Rapid Rewards Points for 2,000 Gold Points
  • 8,000 Rapid Rewards Points for 50,000 Gold Points
  • 18,000 Rapid Rewards Points for 100,000 Gold Points

Redeem your points today. You can also set your account profile preferences to automatically convert all earned Gold Points to Rapid Rewards Points in increments of 10,000 Gold Points to 1,250 Rapid Rewards Points.

I personally would not go for this after looking at the Southwest rewards chart, but depending on your travel habits–if you were thinking to yourself, “when the heck would I ever use these points?!,” this may be a good solution.

With this example, the $100 wanna get away fare costs 6,000 Southwest Rapid Rewards points, which is worth 37,500 Club Carlson points.

I would use those Club Carlson points on a trip to Disney, where a $120 room goes for 9,000 gold points per night (earning you four nights at a decent hotel!) or save them up a little more to do one-night in an expensive European Radisson Blu (retails at around $500+ a night vs. 50,000 in points).

Other redemption options on Club Carlson are not worth it.  The New Rochelle hotel nets for about $170 a night, and yet takes 40,000 points.  And many, many other options don’t turn out in your favor.  (Still, I think if you are deciding between a $170 hotel night and a $100 fare on southwest, pay the $100 fare and redeem the room!)

But if you travel Southwest all the time and those Club Carlson points are just sitting there and will continue to sit, then you should redeem them for Rapid Reward points.  BUT before you do that, please check out this category 1 chart from Radisson.  They really are the best value, and some properties (like the Disney one I mentioned), are really worth it.


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