Complimentary US Airways Club Day Passes *aren’t* Useless as Club Members

Sometimes, I have a bad habit of not reading.  Well, not reading enough. 

I’ve always tossed my complimentary US Airways Day Passes aside.  Why?  Because I’m a club member already, and it clearly says, “Pass is not transferable.”  Since it isn’t transferable, it’s pretty useless to me.

Except it isn’t.

While getting into a comical exchange with the US Airways Automated Service (What is your destination? “Denver.” You said, Nashville, is this correct?  “No, Denver.” Nashville. “Denver.” Nashville?)  I started absentmindedly reading the back of the day pass attached to the companion certificate I was booking.

2013-04-24 11.31.01

I can bring two additional guests with me using this pass.  I’ve had a few times where I’ve awkwardly not invited some coworkers into the club with me because I couldn’t invite them all.  Plus, when I run into other fans of travel in the airport, I like being able to guest them in as well. 

I think this is cool of US Airways Club to do.  They already allow two guests, so this allows five people (including the club member) into the facilities at once.

How did I get this pass (and the companion certificate)?  It is one of the benefits of the US Airways World Mastercard.

And I should use this opportunity to say, don’t be shy if you see me in the airport (or see me foursquare check-in), if you are interested in being in club.  If I’m at max, or not headed that way, I’ll be honest.  But if I can, why not?


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