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  1. Tiff
    May 24, 2013

    I have my opinion about this based on our return flight from FL this past Wed. My kids were fairly quiet, at first the youngest was talking too loud, but a few reminders stopped that. My kids weren’t the disturbances on the flight, but the entire flight the rows around us were treated to the very loud conversation of the people (in particular one of them) in the row behind me. I’ve been admonished by flight attendants for letting my kids watch movies w/o headphones at low volume (this was on a different flight), but this person was WAY louder than that. This person was a lot louder than my kids and it went on THE ENTIRE FLIGHT. I was grateful our younger son was able to fall asleep and stay asleep when he was tired; had this person kept him awake I would have been tempted to send my child to him saying “you woke him up, you deal with him”. Sorry to rant, I just get so frustrated when people go on and on about kids on flights, but no one says anything about adults are not extending the same basic courtesies to their fellow passengers.

  2. Art Carden
    May 25, 2013

    @Tiff: Excellent point. I have a pretty loud voice in any case, and I tend to project to be heard when I’m talking to someone and there’s a lot of background noise. I have to watch myself to make sure I’m not “that guy” because I really don’t like being party to another’s conversation. That counts double when I can kind of tell someone who can be heard by half the plane/restaurant/etc. thinks s/he is impressing everyone nearby with tales of his/her awesomeness.

    Has anyone ever asked a flight attendant to shush other passengers?

    • Jeanne Marie Hoffman
      May 25, 2013


      I certainly have! I had a 5:30am flight and from when electronics were allowed again, a child in first class was playing a shooter game at full volume on their video game system. I normally grin and bear it, but my head was about to explode, and we had hours ahead of us.

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