Why I Love Lot18 (or Getting Wine for $0.98)

I am a frequent customer of Lot18, and this is part of the reason I love it so much:


Lot18 is a wine store.  Occasionally, they give you promotional credit.  This promotional credit applies to shipping.  So, whenever I get some promotional credit, I make sure to use it rather than let it go to waste.

Like by getting a bottle of Californian Viogier for $0.98, shipped.

I use Lot18 for full price items too, like discounted vertical tastings, so it is worth a look around.  But if anything, sign up and wait around for the promotions.  I love the taste of $0.98 wine!  ;)

If you use my link, you can start with $10 credit (but disclaimer, it will also give me a credit–that I can use to get more wine).  Sometimes you have to sit on credit a few days for wine to come up cheap enough to get for <$1, but if you are into more expensive wines–with their discounts, you can at least get the shipping charge waived plus a little extra discount.


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