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My name is Keri Anderson and I write and edit Heels First Travel with the help of guest bloggers like Denise & Tiff.  All opinions are my own and I’m too strong minded to be swayed otherwise.  No content is commissioned, bartered, or provided.  Typos are sheepishly corrected when pointed out.

Barrow Alaska Arctic Ocean wave

Fleeing an Arctic Wave in Barrow, AK

I’ve been an avid miles and points collector for nearly a decade. I love spontaneous trips and not willing to be limited by friends’ availability, I’ve found myself traveling solo on mileage runs to the Arctic Circle, tackling narrow volcanic roads while wine tasting in Sicily, even experimenting with working remotely from Asia for weeks at a time.

Along the way I’ve learned (the hard way) how to get more out of travel — the way to get free upgrades, travel more comfortably, and even look better in trip pictures. By sharing mind blowing experiences and humorous stories about lessons learned, I hope to encourage other aspiring travelers and help them avoid my mistakes!
And while I almost always prefer heels I do own a few pairs of flats.
Full Disclosure: Some links on the site give me affiliate credit and help fund my travels.  I will not be offended if you do not use my links nor will the links ever influence my advice as I only recommend what I like and would share with friends and family.

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