Birchbox is Giving Away JetBlue Tickets

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I’m a big fan of Birchbox, they’ve really helped me improve my travel beauty routine by giving me access to high end, travel size beauty samples. And when I read one of their recent emails, I got even more excited about their relevance to travel.

Birchbox Refer a Friend Promo

Refer 3 friends and get two domestic JetBlue tickets? I was all over this! I wasn’t sure how this was going to be profitable them since I still don’t see how they can offer $5 back in store credit for each $10 box when you fill out the monthly surveys, but I was ready to jump on it.

Then I read the not-so-fine print that was not included in the email graphics, but was on the landing page: “X people will win…

Birchbox Jet Blue Refer a Friend Promo Details

That made a lot more sense but was a lot less exciting. For a minute I thought I had discovered a “mistake deal” where referring $30 in subscriptions got you 2 domestic Jet Blue tickets…

Still, if you were going to sign up and/or recommend it to friends, it’s a better than usual deal – there’s 351 prizes and how many people among their subscribers are likely to successfully recommend 1 person, much less more than one person in a given month? And of course if you use my referral link I come a little bit closer to those 2 JetBlue tickets I thought I had in the bag 🙂


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