50% Off Valentines Day Flowers

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Right now Amazon Local is offering $50 at Teleflora for $25. Normally I avoid coupons or discounts at online florists, preferring to earn airline miles or reward points for my purchase, but in this case it’s a pretty good deal, especially since the voucher can also be used for taxes and fees!

teleflora hearts of gold bouquet

Teleflora is my favorite online florist. They’re bouquets are more unique and usually arrive looking like masterpieces rather than flowers stuck in a vase. The problem is they’re a little more expensive, and they rarely have great mile opportunities.

The best mileage earning offer I could find for Teleflora is 15 miles per $ at US Airways and American Airlines or 15 Ultimate Rewards points per dollar. On a $50 purchase (excluding tax and fees) you’ll earn 750 miles.

teleflora mile cashback earning options

If you value your points at roughly $.02 each, you’re getting $15 in value. In this case, the Amazon Local offer is a better deal.

A Chance To Double Dip

If you have a Chase card, you also have the opportunity to double dip. Usually you cannot apply discounts, coupons, or vouchers when going through an airline shopping portal. Most rely on cookies or promotional codes which are invalidated if you click through an email link or try to apply another discount code. BUT the Ultimate Rewards shopping portal does not require a promotional code, so if you have a voucher or coupon, you might be able to use both. I’ve had success in the past, but YMMV.


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