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One of the Best Hotel Gyms I’ve Seen

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Staying at a downtown hotel in a large US city, I don’t expect to see a rooftop tennis court and modern running track as part of the hotel amenities. Maybe part of an adjacent health club that guests can access, but not actually part of the hotel.

Grand Hyatt Denver Fitness Center & Pool Skycourt running track

So it was an incredible surprise at the Grand Hyatt Denver this weekend when I explored the gym in the early morning.

Grand Hyatt Denver Fitness Center & Pool

I was first struck by the nice size indoor pool with plenty of lounge chairs, food & beverage service, and no overpowering smell of chlorine. And for those who wanted sunshine, there was even a dozen or so lounge chairs on a narrow balcony facing the mountains.

Grand Hyatt Denver Indoor Pool

Grand Hyatt Denver Fitness Center & Pool outdoor lounge

The gym offerings were fairly impressive (though the Hyatt Regency Jacksonville has them beat for selection and view). Usually you get a few treadmills, a few machines, and if you’re lucky, one or two elipticals. This had them all and state of the art technology that let you watch popular TV shows on demand! (Clearly my home gym is outdated).

Grand Hyatt Denver Fitness Center machines

Grand Hyatt Denver Fitness Center & Pool Weight Machines

Grand Hyatt Denver Fitness Center machine on demand

Even at 6 in the morning there was a full supply of headsets, cold, and dry towels.

Grand Hyatt Denver Fitness Center & Pool amenities

My one complaint was the machines were rather light and tended to shake with high RPMs, making it difficult to watch the screen. That and they would randomly end your workout at 5 minutes no matter what settings you chose.

But then there’s the rooftop running track and tennis court. I’m not a runner, but when I saw the sign on the wall I had to go check it out. I was impressed!

Grand Hyatt Denver Fitness Center & Pool Skycourt

Grand Hyatt Denver Fitness Center & Pool Tennis Court

I also liked that there were additional chairs and loungers to enjoy the fresh air and sun.

What’s the best hotel gym you’ve seen?

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