Believe It or Not, Economy Class Could Get Worse

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Or would it be better? A patent was just filed for economy class seating that would have passengers facing each other according to a recent Daily Mail article. Rather like United’s backward/forward facing business class seats, except without the extra room and no privacy wall.

Daily Mail A_patent_has_just_been_filed_by_Zodiac_Seats_for_a_new_Economy_C

It’s hard to tell from the sketches (I’m no designer) but looks like it might solve the issue of whether or not its polite to recline your seat (as reclining doesn’t look like it would be an option).

It would also address the battle for the armrest.

1. The backward/forward design would remove anyone from each passenger’s personal space.

2. The new design doesn’t appear to have armrests.

Interestingly enough, watching the promo video for Zodiac Aerospace at the bottom, I liked many of their other cabin configuration ideas, just not economy class

Which would you prefer? Not having to worry about touching the person sitting next to you or not having to constantly make eye contact?

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