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It’s no secret that I love wine and I find many a beautiful view is better enjoyed with a good glass of wine. Post 9-11 airport security has made this a bit more challenging, but I’ve found 3 great products that have made it a lot easier.

corkscrew_boomerangThe Unconfiscatable Corkscrew
I no longer have to make the decision whether to buy screwtop or pay $5 for a corkscrew I’ll have to throw away at the airport. The Boomerang bladeless corkscrew meets all TSA security requirements and never leaves my carry-on. Just make sure you put it in a separate bin to speed up the process of verifying it is in fact bladeless. And don’t plan to take it to Italy.

Wine Travel Bag
Forget the Wine Skin, the Wine Diaper and Jet Bag take away all the fear of a bottle breaking in your checked luggage. Even should the improbable happen, you’re covered as the absorbent lining can soak up an entire bottle of wine (as demonstrated by Le Chic Geek). I love how thin and portable they are, making it possible to always keep one in my suitcase “just in case.”

jetbag official photo wine travel bag

The Wine Check
On winetasting trips I often find myself wanting to bring home more bottles than can reasonably fit in my suitcase, which leaves me with the hassle of finding a wine shipper, finding tape to seal it, and then hauling it and my luggage through the hotel, rental car, airport, etc. If you can plan ahead to bring a case back with you, The Wine Check is perfect. It’s a padded case on wheels that fits around the wine shipper (eliminating the need to find tape) giving your wine a little extra protection and you a little bit more mobility!

the wine check bag


You’ll note “The Wine Rack” which supposedly allows you to transport wine in your bra, and thus through security is conspicuously absent…

What wine accessories can’t you do without?

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