Tuscany Trip Report: Iberia Business Class Review: JFK-MAD

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I was excited to fly Iberia Business Class JFK-MAD-FLR on my recent trip to Tuscany. It was my first time on Iberia and the one way ticket was only 50,000 American Airline miles plus ~$120 for taxes and fees.

My American flight from DCA to JFK was unremarkable and I stopped at the JFK Flagship Lounge Terminal 8 (I had access as oneworld Emerald traveling internationally) to see the new snack offerings before checking in with Iberia Airlines.Flagship Lounge JFK Terminal 8 snacks

Flagship Lounge JFK Terminal 8 sandwiches

Flagship Lounge JFK Terminal 8 Pastry snacks

Smoked salmon croissants, slightly dry roast beef ciabatta, turkey rolls, scones, and a variety of sweet pastries. Nothing revolutionary, though I don’t visit the JFK Flagship Lounge often enough to grow tired of the selection 🙂

I caught up on my email and headed out to Terminal 7 to check in. The Iberia Business Class check in is located at the far left end of the terminal, with Cathay Pacific and British Airways.

JFK Terminal 7 First Class Check in Cathay Pacific

There was no line, I was about 2 hours before the flight, and if the British Airways premium security line had been open I would have been through in about 5 minutes.

Iberia business class JFK check in counter

The regular lines were a little bit of pandemonium as they’re sandwiched between two main check in counters, so be sure to leave extra time to get through.

I popped up to the British Airways Galleries Lounge, which was much the same as it had been in January, and soon headed down to my gate. The flight was boarding early and I found my way to my seat (and brightly colored pillow and duvet).

Iberia business class cabin jfk-mad

Iberia business class review jfk-mad

Iberia Business Class seat is a pretty standard, comfortable business class product with lie flat seats. The seat configuration alternates, so if you’d like a little more privacy from the aisle, pick an odd number so storage area and seat controls are a buffer (seat above is an even number).

Iberia business class review jfk-mad seat configuration

There’s no pre-departure bubbly or hot towel, but you can choose juice or water and get a moist wipe.

Iberia business class review predeparture beverage jfk-mad

The amenity kits are brightly colored and can double as a small tablet case. They contain a comb, socks, eye mask, tissues, toothbrush, and l’Occitane lotion and lip balm.

Iberia business class review jfk-mad amenity kit

Iberia business class amenity kit contents jfk-mad

Once we were in air, they came around with real hot towels, champagne (or other drinks of your choice) and a snack of olives.

Iberia business class review jfk-mad hot towel

Iberia business class review jfk-mad champagne olivesAs well as 4MB of free inflight internet (worth $4.99). It was my first time with internet on an international flight and was ridiculously excited.

Iberia business class review jfk-mad free internet

To make the most of your freebie, turn off unnecessary apps. Checking my email and uploading 2 pictures to Facebook ran through all the free data.

Dinner starts with veal consomme, roastbeef tenderloin and pate, and a selection of two cheeses.

Iberia business class review jfk-mad terrine

I picked the Porcini mushroom ravioli from among the 3 entree options. It tasted good, but was packed into the dish and a little messy.

Iberia business class review jfk-mad ravioli dinner entree

The passionfruit sherbet and dessert wine was the perfect finish.

Iberia business class review jfk-mad passionfruit sherbert

I snuggled in and managed to get a good 5 hours of sleep, though the cabin was too warm to use the duvet.

Breakfast and hot towels was served a little more than an hour before landing.

Iberia business class review jfk-mad breakfast towel Fairly simple and bread-heavy. Fruit cup, and croissant, and two pieces of toasted baguette. If Madrid was your final destination you could also choose to have breakfast in the airport arrivals lounge instead.

Iberia business class breakfast jfk-mad

A great flight — was able to get work done and get enough sleep to make it through the next day.

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