How Rose Wine Is Made, Finding the Best Deals to Europe & More

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Headlines and highlights from around the web:

Great #wine fact that will make you sound smart at summer parties. There are two main ways to make rose and neither involve mixing red and white wine or using pink grapes.

Last Bottle, a new online wine deals site I’m checking out, has a concise and accessible article on the two ways to make rose that is definitely worth checking out!

last bottle wines how to make rose graphic

I’m quoted in an article today by my friend Greig at Winderlusting on how to find the best flight deals to Europe. I’m biased, but definitely worth a quick read!

The Oatmeal has a funny set of comics based on “the crap we put up with getting on and off a plane” worth checking out. (h/t: Kyle)

the oatmeal annoying things on plane

Rapid Travel Chai shares why’s presence in Cuba is better news than Starwood or AirBnB’s free stay offer.

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Living for the little (and big things) that make life so fun, especially mistake deals and crazy last minute weekend mileage runs across the world.

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