“These as a few of my favorite (food) things”

A few weeks ago I offered my gift ideas for travelers, now here’s one for casual foodies! All things I myself wouldn’t mind getting this year :)

1. Old Bisbee Roasters Coffee — Coffee roasted to order and shipped two-day, available in whole bean or choice of grind. Ever changing selections from small coffee plantations around the world. The real answer to free trade inclinations. Also some of the best decaf I’ve ever had! New customers should sign up for their email list for $5 off your first order.

2. Robbins Family Ascalano Olive Oil & Balsamic Vinegar — I never dreamed how much I loved olive oil or that I liked Balsamic Vinegar at all until I tasted them at Kenneth Volk Vineyards. Fortunately they have an online store, so everyone can enjoy. It’s also family run — I got a sweet note from one of the owners who packed my shipment.

3. Cheddar with Thai Curry — One of the most unique cheese’s I’ve tried (that’s saying something!) and perfect with a gewurztraminer or sweet riesling. Plus you get free two day shipping from iGourmet.com with ShopRunner.com!

4. Chocolate for Wine Pairing — Chocolate goes great with various red wines based on % of cacao (and supposedly even with some whites). You can probably find many options locally, but if not, I suggest Godiva’s Large Belgian Chocolate Bar Set or Wine Lover’s Chocolate Gift Set.

5. Wine Aroma Kit – My time in the Mendoza Smell Room vastly improved my ability to discern different flavors in wine. This gift isn’t cheap, but for someone getting in to wine, you can make every bottle they drink that much more fun. Not to mention its dual purpose as a party game.  It’s definitely a luxury gift. I’m still saving up to afford one.


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