29 Hours at the Conrad Centennial Singapore

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It was only about a half hour ride from the airport to the Conrad Centennial Singapore. I’d booked the room on cash and points — 20,000 points and $70 a night. Check in was smooth and I was given a large room on the top floor.

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I didn’t get into my room until after 3AM and I was exhausted, but I briefly perked up when I saw what welcomed me. There was the trademark Conrad bear, one of my friends had arranged for a single flower to greet me (only one because I would otherwise be sad about having to leave my bouquet behind after only a day of enjoyment), and the hotel had sent a chocolate dessert. The dessert was particularly handy because I was hungry after my flight, but didn’t think I could stay awake long enough for room service to arrive.


My room offered panoramic views and I could just see the Singapore Flyer and the Marina Bay Sands from my windows (during the day).


The bathroom was nice, full of marble and glass. The highlight for me was an unexpected Conrad rubber ducky (see the tiny yellow dot in middle of the photo) to add to my First Class Terminal collection 😀

I slept for about 4 hours, getting up at 8 for breakfast in the lounge (conveniently located on the same floor). They had a smattering of both western and asian breakfast options and a great tea selection. The lounge was busy so I ate fairly quickly and left to start my adventure.

I took a cab to the Singapore Zoo and had an amazing couple of hours. I had debated between the zoo or the night safari, but decided for my first trip, I wouldn’t add to my stress by being out alone in a strange country late at night. As luck had it, almost all of the animals were active that morning EXCEPT for the pygmy hippos, which are my favorite.

The zoo had a lot of interactive options, like giraffe feeding and elephant painting, but I just enjoyed walking around, watching the animals and watching the animals watch the people. Particularly the lionesses eyeing the toddlers longingly through the glass.


When I had my fill, I caught a cab back to the hotel and went in search of food before my spa appointment.  Along the way I thoroughly enjoyed some of the signs bordering the road.

Sinagpore Signs

While traveling internationally I do try to avoid US fast food chains (although sampling the local McDonald’s offerings is always fun), but I’d never seen a Carl’s Jr. anywhere but on the west coast. I was looking for a quick food option and was timid about visiting the famous food stalls by myself, so I cheated and went to the Carl’s Jr two blocks from my hotel. It was fun to try, nothing special to report, except free refills were apparently a very big selling point here.

After lunch I meandered around the mall and then headed to my spa appointment. The St. Gregory spa is located on the 4th floor by the swimming pool.  Nicely appointed but not overly luxurious. It was not busy and I had great service. I had signed up for one of their specials, the 110 minute Ultimate Relaxation package — “A rejuvenating combination of scalp, aromatic body bliss and foot massages” — for about $150USD. The attendant noted that my Hilton Diamond discount didn’t apply to the package, but if they billed everything a la carte, it would be cheaper.

I wasn’t arguing with that! And that wound up being the perfect start to a very therapuetic massage. Since I only had an afternoon to de-stress, I skipped the feel good part and requested they start in on the “broken glass” knots in my shoulders and feet immediately. And they did. When I stumbled out 2 hours later, with the memory of my United seat no longer at the front of my mind, I went back to my room and napped. Thus missing tea hour in the lounge.

I did wake up in time for the cocktail hour so I grabbed a few hors d’oeuvres and several glasses of wine. My lack of sleep caught up to me and went to bed at 7PM. This of course meant I was awake again at 3AM and very hungry. A perfect opportunity to try the room service satay.

Room service is one of those luxuries that I rarely experience in the US and positively revel in while in Asia. I can get multiple dishes delivered for $20 or less including gratuity and service charge. Make it 24 hour room service and it’s irresistable.

Conrad Centennial Singapore Room Service Satay

The satay was delicious, and it got better. I checked out before 6AM and the cashier offered to waive the room service charge completely since the lounge was not open in time for me to breakfast. There were some difficulties processing my final bill, so they offered to email it to me later. When it did come,  the room service was still on there, but a few emails to the hotel quickly fixed it.

Check rates at this hotel:   Hilton  |   Booking.com   |   Orbitz   |   Expedia  |   Priceline

If I’m still a Hilton Diamond by the time I return to Singapore, I would happily stay at the Conrad again!

Coming Soon…The Flight Back.


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