Mendoza Trip Report #6: Day 1 of Wine Tasting

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Our wonderful guide Miguel Sanz ( picked us up at the airport and whisked us away to begin our first day of wine tasting in Mendoza.

Miguel Sanz Mendoza wine tour guide

Figuring out which wineries to visit was actually one of the major planning challenges. We like nice wine, we want to try nice wines we can’t get or can’t afford in the US, but how can we tell if the wineries being recommended would actually be to our taste or if they’re just the usual for tourists.

Miguel was recommended by a friend of a friend, so there was already some trust, but he didn’t know our preferences yet and surfing the winery websites with little knowledge of the region wasn’t very illuminating. We were able to run the list of suggested wineries by the friend of a friend who gave some insight on which to keep and which to substitute.

Having decided upon the wineries, the next challenge was scheduling. Some of the ones I picked weren’t open on Monday and we’d originally set aside Sunday and Monday for tasting. Thus, the solution was for Miguel to pick us up immediately upon arrival on Saturday and get things going.

On the menu for Saturday was Lujan de Cuyo Valley:

The first thing that struck me enroute was the beauty of the Andes visible from almost everywhere. Wow.

Mendoza Wine Roads

The second thing that struck me was the lack of paved roads once you got off the highway. Even the secondary roads that were “paved” looked more like gravel driveways than official roads.

Road to Achaval Ferrar


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