Singapore Airlines First Class: Blind Champagne Tasting

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And now the conclusion of my extremely detailed Singapore trip report.

After enjoying my time in the Private Room and getting to sample La Grande Dame for the first time, I headed to the gate for the flight to Moscow.

The flight was very similar to the first two I’ve written about, although the food was a little more hit or miss. This one had caviar, and excellent pumpkin soup, and a sadly disappointing lobster dumpling soup as the main entree.

Copy of SAM_1921

Copy of SAM_1923

Lobster Dumpling Soup Singapore Air First

I was tired, so I skipped the dessert options and actually slept for a few hours. I woke up 3 hours before breakfast was served and was offered a snack. Not quite what I was expecting 🙂

Singapore Air First Snack

Breakfast was a little better — fruit plate, yogurt, and then a local option of noodles with seafood.

Singapore Air First Breakfast Fruit

Singapore Air First Breakfast Yogurt

Singapore Air First Breakfast Noodle

We landed, my nose pressed to the window the whole time taking in the snowy landscape, and I made it to the lounge in time to be #2 for the shower, but decided to pass this time. I mean, I didn’t think I smelled yet ;-).

Shortly after we reboarded and I had one of the best flights EVER. This was the friendliest cabin crew I’d had on the trip and they were more than happy to let me pose with the bottle of Dom and with them

Copy of Maurice SQ 62 DME-IAH

Keri Maurice SQ 62 DME-IAH

They were so friendly and accommodating, I worked up the nerve to ask if once we were airborne I could try both the Dom and the Krug side by side to compare. They were more than happy to oblige!

The Krug had been growing on me, especially after it had been open for a little while, but the Dom’s crisp, fruity acidity, was still better than the nutty notes of the Krug, although I’d say the current NV is a good year.

Dom Krug tasting Singapore Air First

As he was bringing out the glasses, the attendant asked if I’d really know the difference between the two if he didn’t tell me which was which. I thought I would, but he suggested an experiment when I was done with those two glasses.

Singapore Air First Satay

I finished the excellent satay with the champagne and I was ready to go.

He appeared with three glasses of champagne, the Dom, the Krug, and the award winning business class champagne — Charles Heidesick. I would have loved to do this on the ground, much less in the air!! This by far was one of my all-time highlights of travel. Who gets to do stuff like this?? 😀

Blind tasting Singapore Air First Dom Krug Charles Hiedesick

So I guessed the Dom right but confused the Krug and the Heidesick, which was kind of fun.

The rest of the meal was unremarkable. I did not care for the texture of the Duck pate.

Singapore Air First Duck Pate

The broth with Chinese greens was nice, but the salad was similar to the ones I’d had coming out.

Singapore Air First Chinese Broth

The fettuccine was decent.

Singapore Air First Dinner fettucine

The dessert was both interesting looking and quite tasty. I still can’t believe I ate that whole thing!

Singapore Air First Dessert

I had planned to spend most of the time in-flight writing up the trip, but wound up actually sleeping about 6 hours, waking up only in time to get ready for lunch service and to see the passenger across the aisle from me taking off his pants again.

That’s right. He’d done this on the flight before and clearly hadn’t picked up on the fact that though the suites are semi-private, I could still seem him from mid-thigh down. Which meant when he chose to change into his pajamas in his seat rather than the bathroom, I saw far more of his hairy legs than I ever wanted. There’s not enough Dom in the world to make up for that…

But the highlight of lunch was dessert. It started with a seafood naje, which was a trifle too pickled for me.  The beef kebab was good, but had fatty cuts and I was still full from the meal before.

Copy of SAM_1945

Copy of SAM_1941

Copy of SAM_1948

But the mango lemon pudding was outstanding! Mmmmmm.

Copy of SAM_1950

We landed and the flight attendant shared his email address with me so I could send him the pictures of Dom and I started racing for Houston Immigration. And discovered Houston has a great feature for non-Global Entry folks traveling only with carry-on. If you only have carry-on you go through immigration and hand your customs card to the person standing immediately after. And it’s a MUCH shorter line. In my case there was no line at all.

The one downside was that they have a quota of random searches to do, and since I was the first one through that day, I got picked.

Still I was out of there in 15 minutes and it looked like I might be able to switch to the earlier United flight home if there were seats and get in an hour and a half earlier.

So a trifle sweaty and greasy from racing to the gate, I walked up, plopped down my 1K card, although I was traveling under my US Airways number, and asked if they had seats. They did, though none in economy plus that she was willing to give me, and I was soon comparing the knee room of my current seat to the opulence I’d experienced on Singapore.

Singapore Air First Leg Room Copy of DSC04388


But I was in a great mood for having made the earlier flight and was beaming upon the flight attendants as I ordered my meal and beverage, which got me drink for free! (I was also wearing the best dress ever at the time.)

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