My Status Match Is Causing Unexpected Embarrassment

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So far I’m quite in love with my American Airlines Executive Platinum status. My upgrade for the flight today cleared two days in advance. They serve real meals on flights under two hours (Jeanne you might want to switch from US Airways before the merger!). The service has been consistently nicer.

The only problem is, I’m not familiar with their first class seats. This may not seem like a big deal, but when you’re in first class, one of the few women in a sea of businessmen, and the only person who’s clearly coming back from vacation, it’s a little embarrassing not to know where the tray table is.

Yep, that’s right. I couldn’t find the tray table. American’s 737 seats are actually quite different than what I’m used to on United or US Airways. I was admiring at takeoff how the space under the armrests actually have a place to store tablets and magazines. That’s pretty handy. And they have a little thing that pulls down between the seats to hold soda cans, etc. I managed to figure that out, but could not find my tray table to save my life.

And of course I missed it every time someone around me pulled out their’s. I was finally forced to wait til my seatmate, who is one of those jerks who feels the need to make phone calls as the plane is taxiing for take off, pulled his out.

Turns out it was in the arm rest I’d already checked, but was hard to pull up. Grrr. I almost felt like I needed to say “I really have flown in First Class before, honest!” as I was fumbling all over my seat. I probably wouldn’t have cared quite as much about looking stupid if I’d liked my seatmate. But that’s usually how it works out.

Have you had experiences like this that belie your frequent flyer status?


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