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3 Days In Singapore: Grand Hyatt Singapore Grand Corporate Suite Review

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I was really ready to get off the plane when we landed in Singapore, so I was happy we were an hour early, but at the same time worried a). that my driver wouldn’t be there yet and b). that it was going to be tough to check in to the Grand Hyatt Singapore at 7AM, and even harder to check in at 6AM.

My driver was there waiting for me, and we were soon speeding our way to the hotel. Probably the only time I haven’t been thrilled to get to the hotel sooner. I felt in desperate need of a shower and didn’t relish the idea of sitting in the lobby or lounge for several hours.

I made my way to the check in desk – already reveling in the rough stone and marble décor. Lo and behold, they had no problem checking me in to my room. Not only that, they upgraded me to a junior suite (Grand Deluxe King)!

Rooms were going for $300+, so my strategy had been to get the Chase Hyatt credit card while I was still a Diamond so the two free nights after $1,000 in spend would be upgraded to two free suite nights.  I’d use those for the first two nights and then on my last night, when I’d be departing at 2AM and my friend would be leaving at 7AM, we’d just stay at another hotel, hopefully on points.

I hit my Hyatt card minimum spend within 3 hours of receiving the card thanks to Vanilla Reloads, and anxiously awaited the posting of my two free suite nights. They posted in less than 7 days and I called to book my room.

The problem? My first night was not available. But the next night and the night I was leaving were available. So I booked that and then looked into other options. At this point my backup, the Singapore Conrad, was a terrible deal on points or cash, but I could get a basic room at the Grand Hyatt Singapore for 18,000 points. Which I decided making it easy to move rooms without moving hotels was worth it.

But anyway, back to check in. They checked me into the Grand Deluxe King which was great! My friend was arriving later that afternoon and the extra space to spread out would help both of us deal with the jet lag.

I quickly made my way up to my room, and was quite happy. The living room was quite comfortable (and my friend was extremely pleased).

Grand Hyatt Singapore Grand Deluxe King Living Room


Grand Hyatt Singapore Grand Deluxe King entrance

The bedroom was standard, but the bathroom was quite luxurious.

Grand Hyatt Singapore Grand Deluxe King bedroom

Grand Hyatt Singapore Grand Deluxe King bathroom
Grand Hyatt Singapore Grand Deluxe King bedroom2
The lounge hadn’t started serving breakfast yet so I took a bath and settled in, delighted to see that the Hyatt carried the wonderful TWG tea I’d first discovered at the Conrad last year.  An hour later I headed up to find the lounge which was accessible by a staircase past the club floor concierge.

Grand Hyatt Singapore Club Concierge

Grand Hyatt Singapore Club entrance

I could go on at length (with pictures) about the lounge, so I’ve decided to make that a separate post. I’ll just note that the breakfast options are delightfully excessive when it comes to pastries and bread. The hot options are limited but, on days when they were not predominantly British, are quite good.

The evening options with free-flowing wines and alcohol also had a fun varieties of appetizers, such that on the evenings when we didn’t feel like going out, like the first night we arrived, we could fill up on tasty bites and affordable drinks.

Grand Hyatt Singapore Club Evening Keri Prosecco

But back to my first morning there. After grabbing breakfast in the lounge, I had time to kill before my spa appointment so I decided to wander the grounds. And I loved everything I saw. I’ve never been at a hotel before (and this is saying a lot) where I wanted to eat at every restaurant and hang out at every bar.

Grand Hyatt Singapore Straits Kitchen

There was just something about the look and feel of everything that just appealed to me and felt like home. The hotel is set up in two towers. I was located in the first tower, right on the main road. The other tower was at the “back” of the hotel and contained the pool, spa, and fitness areas. The little bit of space between the two had a cheerful waterfall behind the glass.

Grand Hyatt Singapore waterfalls
The pool was good, although probably the least impressive thing about the hotel. And apparently I didn’t take any pictures of it when it was not raining. The spa/gym were quite modern feeling, more on the spa in the next post.

Grand Hyatt Singapore workout center

When we got back to the room after drinks in the lounge, they’d delivered a welcome gift of cookies, oranges, and a nice note.

Grand Hyatt Singapore Grand Deluxe King Welcome Gift

The next morning, before we started our first day of real site seeing, I called down to the front desk to see when we should switch rooms. They told me our room would be ready in the afternoon and it would be best to keep our luggage in the current room for now. 5 minutes later they called back to tell us our suite was ready. We were so excited to see what suite we got that we almost ran to check out and get our new keys before heading out for the day.

And wow. I’d read about possible upgrades, but figured, since it was the Chinese New Year, that we’d only get upgraded to the duplex suite. So I was sooooo excited when we put the keycard in the door and opened it up to see the Grand Corporate Suite.

Grand Hyatt Singapore Grand Suite King foyer
It opens into a small kitchenette with a half bath to the right.

Grand Hyatt Singapore Grand Suite King kitchenette

Grand Hyatt Singapore Grand Suite King half bath
Directly in front was a dining table, which is really convenient when feeling lazy and wanting room service.

Grand Hyatt Singapore Grand Suite King dining table
And then we saw the most darling family room/lounge area with a yellow seat that my friend and I immediately fought over and wanted for our own apartments.

Grand Hyatt Singapore Grand Suite King living room

Grand Hyatt Singapore Grand Suite King awesome yellow chair
The bedroom was standard, although it also had a comfy chair and useful vanity table.

Grand Hyatt Singapore Grand Suite King bedroom

Grand Hyatt Singapore Grand Suite King bedroom seating
From there you entered a hallway that had a door to the outside, and featured the walk in closet and a VERY sumptuous bathroom.

Grand Hyatt Singapore Grand Suite King closet

Grand Hyatt Singapore Grand Suite King bathroom

Grand Hyatt Singapore Grand Suite King bathroom 2
We loved this room so much that we found it hard to leave, even though we were excited about seeing the Singapore sites. When we were returned from our first day of site seeing, they’d delivered ANOTHER welcome gift, this one quite impressive.

Grand Hyatt Singapore Grand Suite King Diamond Welcome Gift

But the three shiny boxes of snacks weren’t enough to make up for lunch, so it gave us the perfect excuse to do a late room-service lunch (when we discovered we were either too late for Sunday brunch or would have to pay $50+ for a buffet). The prices were pricey, and the food was good, but not a particular value.

Grand Hyatt Singapore Room Service
I highly recommend Straits Kitchen (report coming) and you can get Perrier Jouet quite affordably, for Singapore, during happy hour at 10 Scotts Road.

half price perrier jouet at Grand Hyatt Singapore

I liked Singapore, yet am not anxious to return soon. However, I didn’t have near enough time to fully enjoy the hotel so I might have to come back just for the Grand Hyatt.

Next Post: Grand Hyatt Singapore Club Lounge Experience (aka lots of fun food pictures)

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