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Review: Park Hyatt Chennai Hotel

a pool with lounge chairs on top of it

I’m not going to lie, I went to Chennai just to stay at the Park Hyatt.  I was in desparate need of a vacation so when my friend described the amenities at the Park Hyatt Chennai, I decided I wanted to visit India and it should be the first stop on my trip.

The rooms are ~$100 a night and Hyatt Diamond members are often upgraded to suites. It features a rooftop pool and an amazing spa. I was sold.

a pool with lounge chairs and a city in the background

Plus, if you have a suite they’ll send a car free of charge to get you from the airport and take you back. I only wish I had opted to have them pick me up rather than waiting around for my Etihad Chauffer.

But eventually I did arrive, around 10PM after more than 36 hours in transit. The car pulled up to the front door where multiple staff were waiting to help me out, take charge of my luggage and walk me through the metal detector.

a large room with a large wall and a large table
Park Hyatt Chennai lobby the next morning
a wall with many squares
lobby artwork
a hallway with a door and a green light
hallway to room

The front desk knew I was coming and I soon was being escorted up to my Park Excutive suite to finish the check in process. I could barely wait for them to leave so I could stop surpressing my excited squeals in an attempt to seem mature.

The living room has windows along the entire curved outer wall.

a living room with a couch and a tv

Plenty of seating.

a room with a couch and chairs

A gloriously large desk which made catching up on work and blogging easy.a room with a table and chairs

A delightful refreshment center with a fancy tea set and complimentary snacks including macarons.

a coffee pot and water bottles on a table

a glass jars of food and a bowl of soup on a wooden tray The bedroom was a generous size and nicely furnished, but the real standout was the bathroom.

a room with a bed and a chair

a bed with a bench in a room

Off the closet was a separate room for the commode, a a fancy toilet that both washes and dries.

a bathroom with a bathtub and a towelAnd in keeping with the marble everything theme, a large shower and a gigantic tub.

a bathtub with towels on it

Almost like having my own plunge pool! (Don’t worry, for the photo I was wearing a strapless bathing suit just in case)

a person in a bathtub

But before I could get in the tub I had a phone calls, the first was the General Manager apologizing that he was not at the hotel to welcome me (at 10PM on a Saturday night!). And it had nothing to do with the fact I’m a blogger, I’m not even sure they knew. It seemed like they just really valued Hyatt elites 🙂 And I definitely felt welcomed!

Daily breakfast is offered as part of the suite and to Hyatt Diamonds. I had the option of dining in the restaurant or ordering complimentary room service. I chose the latter so I could get work done and be lazy at the same time.

Room service was impressive. Amazing service, very ornate settings and tons of food. They even brought a toaster so my toast would be fresh.

a table with food on it

I intended to try some of the Indian options for breakfast but since every other meal was an adventure I decided to go boring and traditional for breakfast. 🙂a plate of food on a table

I had Sunday lunch in the Flying Elephant, learning that this was the place to go in Chennai to see and be seen.

a view from the top of a building

Fortunately the food was also outstanding. It was all you could eat with many international stations on multiple levels.

a table with bowls of food

a table with plates and sushi rolls

a table with food on it

a table with bowls of food

a man standing behind a counter with food on it

a group of people in a room

And waiters that kept coming by with impressive platings of food! Though I also discovered pizza and soft serve ice cream are some of the favorite dishes.

a plate of food on a table

a table with bowls of food

a plate of food with a spoon and fork

a plate of food with a white surface

a plate of food on a plate

The hotel grounds are not large, the hotel building and an internal courtyard, but it was peaceful and pleasant.

a person looking at a pond

I booked several spa appointments which I will review in a later post, but I’ll just mention that getting 3 hours for ~$120 was one of the best spa experiences I’ve had!

I only ventured out once, to do a food tour with the Assistant manager, which was amazing! I’ll be covering that in a follow up post as well.

The only disappointing part of my whole stay was the pool. On the first day, a Sunday, when I went up to the rooftop horizon pool all the chairs were taken and there was no where else to sit.

a building with windows and a blue sky
End of the pool from the spa level

In the evening it was empty so I went out and spent a happy half hour looking over the edge of the pool, looking out over the Guindy Forest Reserve and listening to the sites and sounds of the city.

a snow on a roof top

The next day it was empty, but all the towels that were pre-draped on the chairs felt wet like they they hadn’t been changed from the previous day.

a lounge chairs and a table with an umbrella

And since that was the worst thing about my stay, I can whole heartedly recommend everyone come here. It’s a great value for the money, even if you’re in a regular room, and the service was amazing! Every staff member made me feel truly welcome and like they genuinely cared that I was having a nice stay.

And later in my trip when I made a big mistake, they were incredibly helpful over the phone and helped solve the problem from hundreds of miles away!

I can’t wait to go back again, even if I never leave the hotel!

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    1. Probably not 🙂 I did actually go to Dehli and Agra later in the trip, but trying out this hotel was a big impetus in applying for a visa.

  1. Thanks for sharing your impressions. Regretfully, i had to cancel my planned stay last month at this property. The location and surroundings are very nice, near the Governor’s Mansion and the engineering/technical universities.

  2. Hi Keri! I am planning to stay here later this month and was wondering what your experience was with the luxury tax situation in India. Did the PH charge you extra tax for the suite upgrade upon checkout? Thanks so much 🙂

  3. You went on a food trip with the asst manager but you don’t know how they figured out that you’re a blogger? 1+1= ???

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