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Checking Out Day Spas in Chiang Mai

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I was only in Chiang Mai for 3 days, but I managed to fit in two spa appointments. There are quite a few well-reviewed places there, so I narrowed it down based on location and trying out both ends of the spectrum, choosing the Le Meridien Chiang Mai’s spa and one just a few blocks away.

The Spa at Le Meridien

Chiang Mai Spa Le Meridien entrance

As far as fancy hotel spas go, this one is quite modest in decor. It’s located by the pool across from the fitness room with a comfortable but not opulent waiting room.

Chiang Mai Spa Le Meridien waiting room

Chiang Mai Spa Le Meridien welcome beverage

Beautiful presentation of hot ginger tea and cold towel and I wasn’t even kept waiting long enough to finish it.

Prices were reasonable, a little less expensive than hotels in Bangkok with hour long massages starting around 2700baht. SPG Gold and Platinums got an additional discount which was definitely an incentive to give the spa a try.

The treatment rooms were similar to the waiting room, comfortable and modern but not plush. I liked the rock details underneath the sink and under the treatment table. And then I settled in for the aromatic foot bath and one of the best massages I’ve ever had.

Chiang Mai Spa Le Meridien treatment room

Chiang Mai Spa Le Meridien sink stone

I had booked the 90 minute Aromatic Detox Massage for ~$80 with my discount, which was more than worth it. The therapist’s technique was fantastic, managing to apply enough pressure I was always almost at the point of cringing but never did and nearly fell asleep on the table. I floated out feeling better than I had in months.

Hot herbal tea and a not-too-sweet dessert was served aftewards (similar to what was upstairs in the lounge).

Chiang Mai Spa Le Meridien dessert

Fah Lanna Massage Shop at the Night Bazaar

Chiang Mai Spa Fah Lanna Night Bazzar entrance

Fah Lanna Spa got great reviews on Trip Advisor, but the Old Town Chiang Mai location was just far enough away that I would probably walk off the relaxation getting back to the hotel. So instead I went for the Night Bazaar location only two blocks away from the Le Meridien.

Chiang Mai Spa Fah Lanna Night Bazzar sign

The road was on the narrow side and the entrance was a little hard to fine despite the sign, but I wasn’t expecting much ambiance with hour long massages starting at 200 baht. They had squeezed me in for a 60 min foot reflexology and 60 min head, shoulders, and back thai massage. There were 4 recliners in the front which is where foot reflexology is done. It was cramped for a foot bath and a little loud once they turned the air conditioning unit on.

Chiang Mai Spa Fah Lanna Night Bazzar foot reflexology chair

While I was there the tiny lobby overflowed when a family of 4 walked in for appointments and they had to hang out for awhile in the heat on the tiny porch. But the foot reflexology was great!

Chiang Mai Spa Fah Lanna Night Bazzar porch

After the hour was up, I was taken back to a private treatment room to change into the Thai massage PJs and then directed to a shared room with several pallets on the floor with curtains for privacy.

Chiang Mai Spa Fah Lanna Night Bazzar thai massage

Very basic but clean and comfortable enough. Like the reflexology the massage was great, well worth the price, and afterwards I was offered a cup of tea.

The Healthland Spa in Bangkok is still better, but this had charm and was crazy affordable, 500 baht for 2 hours. If you don’t care about posh and want good technique at a cheap price, this is definitely worth a stop. But call ahead for appointments as it’s tiny!

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