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Etihad First Class Checkin & the Wingtips Lounge JFK

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I grabbed an Uber from the Sheraton Laguardia East hotel to Terminal 4 at JFK to check in for my Etihad flight to Abu Dhabi. The terminal was really crowded and I was having trouble finding the Etihad First Class check in line.

jFK Terminal 4 Etihad Checkin

Turns out that was because I hadn’t been dropped off at the end of the terminal and had come in through an earlier door.

jFK Terminal 4 Etihad first class Checkin

Check in was fast and I was directed to a special security line that just wound up feeding into the main security line. (Not quite the British Airways premium line in Terminal 7).

wingtips lounge jFK invitation etihad

I was several hours early so I made my way to the Wingtips Lounge.

wingtips lounge jFK Terminal 4 sign

wingtips lounge jFK entrance

It was decent, definitely more interesting than a United lounge and I rather liked the study/library area. Lots of windows and was brightly lit but had very few power outlets.

wingtips lounge jFK seating

They did have hot food options such as eggs, ham, etc but it had a little bit of a cafeteria feel and I was still full from breakfast at the Sheraton so I just got a cup of tea.

wingtips lounge jFK layout

wingtips lounge jFK good presentation

wingtips lounge jFK breakfast options

wingtips lounge jFK alcohol

The one thing I will say is that it was definitely well, if not over staffed. There was always at least one staff member in evidence, straightening the food displays and picking up dishes.

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