Spirit Airlines 99% Off Sale Is Back and They Have a New CEO

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Spirit Airlines is running a one day 99% percent off sale today (Jan 5) only. You must fly on a Tuesday or Wednesday Jan 12-Feb 9 and use 99PCT in the Promotion Code box on the homepage.

Most of the time flying Spirit Airlines does not turn out to be the good deal that everyone thinks it is, thanks to all the extra fees. BUT if you know what you’re doing, you can actually get really affordable tickets to fun places.

And thanks to Tiff’s Everything You Need to Know About Spirit Airlines, you can know what you’re doing! Some of the main things to keep in mind:

  • Passengers are charged for carryon with the exception of one free personal item. That item must be smaller than 16 inches by 14 inches by 12 inches. Use a backpack or duffel bag without wheels or handle and put your purse or laptop bag inside to get the most space out of your free item.
  • Checked bags are cheaper than carryon, so plan to check and to pay online at least 24 hours in advance as the the price goes up after that.
  • You have to pay for assigned seats, don’t expect people to switch. You might be assigned seats in advance without paying, but *if* it happens, you’ll probably be in the back of the flight.
  • Print your boarding passes at home, Spirit charges you to print them at the airport counter.

What I found interesting is that they also announced today that Ben Baldanza, the CEO who led them to profitability through extra fees for everything and provocative advertising is being replaced by Robert Fornaro who headed up AirTran before it was sold. I actually liked AirTran, so will be interesting to see if Spirit becomes more customer friendly, which won’t take much.

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