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Spirit Increases “Passenger Usage Fee”

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Just a quick craniums up for everyone; I was looking at flights today and Spirit has increased the “Passenger Usage Fee” (the fee they charge to book your tickets online) from $16.99 per person per way to $17.99 per person per way. It’s only an increase of $2 per person per round-trip flight, but it’s still good information to know.

For those who have asked where do you find the “Passenger Usage Fee”? You can find it in several places, but it’s not always obvious.

The first place you’ll find it is when you’re selecting your flights. There is a question mark next to the “Base Fare” when selecting your flight. If you left click on it a pop-up comes up and it breaks out the cost of your fare. This is how the pop-up looks:

spirit airlines passenger usage feeFlight                                                                     $0.01
Unintended Consequences of DOT Regulations   $1.86
Passenger Usage Fee                                           $17.99

Base Fare Total                                                     $19.86

So you won’t see a “Passenger Usage Fee” when you get to the final portion of paying for your flight online because it’s already included in your “Base Fare” price.

Once you select your flights and chose whether or not your want a hotel and/or rental car you will see your total purchase price. It’ll be broken up into your “flight price” and the “government’s cut” (taxes and fees). If you left click on “more info” in your “flight price” there you will see the “passenger usage fee”. It includes the exact same things as the base fare: the total cost of the flight, unintended consequences of DOT regulations, and the passenger usage fee.

This time it will include the total for all passengers and segments. So if one person is flying round-trip the price will be $35.98. If two people are flying round-trip it will be $71.96, etc.

Again, you have to left click on “more info” to see how this is broken out.

You will be able to see this one last time right before you purchase your tickets. You left click on “more info” next to your “flight price” and you’ll see the total cost broken out there.

Spirit Fees

Once again, the “Passenger Usage Fee” has gone up from $16.99 per person per way to $17.99 per person per way. The only way to avoid this fee is to purchase your tickets at the airport. If you are a $9 fare club member you cannot get $9 fare club prices at the airport, so it’s best to check if it’s cheaper to pay the passenger usage fee and buy the tickets online, or if it’s cheaper to avoid the fee and pay the regular price for the tickets at the airport.

The “Passenger Usage Fee” is not obvious on the website, but it can be found in three places if you click on “more info”. When you select your flights, your total purchase price before selecting additional options (luggage, seats, etc.) and your total purchase price after you select your additional options right before you purchase your tickets.

Hope this clears up any confusion about the Passenger Usage Fee. Please feel free to ask more questions in the comments if I didn’t explain something as well as I could have.


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