Tempted By Spirit’s 99% Off Sale Today? Here’s How to Make Sure It’s Actualy a Deal

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Spirit is once again running a 99% off sale for today, May 10, only. This is a good chance to snag some super cheap flights, provided you know how to avoid all their extra fees. And Tiff’s comprehensive tips are can help you do just that!

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First, details on Spirit’s 99% Off Flights Sale:

  • Must be booked by midnight tonight (May 10)
  • Travel must be on a Tuesday or Wednesday.
  • Valid travel dates are May 17-June 14
  • The 99% discount is only on the base fare, you’ll still have to pay the Passenger Usage Fees (up to $17.99 each way), taxes, security, DOT and other fees.
  • Certain routes are excluded, so check before trying to price out your itinerary.

To book, enter code 99PCT on the promotion code box on the homepage.

Now, how to minimize additional Spirit Airline fees

I recommend reading Tiff’s Everything You Need to Know About Spirit Airlines guide to fully understand what the experience will be like, but here are the highlights:

  • Spirit charges for carryon bags, but you are allowed one personal item for free. That item must be smaller than 16 inches by 14 inches by 12 inches. Use a backpack or duffel bag without wheels or handle and put your purse or laptop bag inside to get the most space out of your free personal item.
  • Plan to check your bag since those are cheaper than carryon. The price increases the closer you get to your flight, so pay for your checked bag online at least 24 hours in advance.
  • You have to pay for assigned seats. You might be assigned seats in advance without paying, but *if* it happens, you’ll probably be in the back of the flight.
  • Print your boarding passes at home, Spirit charges you to print them at the airport counter.

To really learn how to fly Spirit like an expert, check out all Tiff’s articles:

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