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Early Boarding Privileges When Purchasing a Carry-On Bag on Spirit Airlines

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For a flight this weekend, I’m breaking my usual rule and paying the extra $5 each way for a carry-on instead of checking my bag. The main reason I’m doing this is 1) I don’t need a full-size bag, but I need more than a backpack and 2) for the convenience of not having to stop at baggage claim.

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My first flight gets in at a reasonable hour, but I have an opportunity to check out the Centurion Lounge in the Las Vegas Airport. I will feel much more comfortable doing this knowing my bag isn’t waiting for me down in baggage claim. On my way home, my return flight gets in after midnight, and with already having to go pick up my car and drive home, I don’t want an additional 30 minute delay in baggage claim.

When I went to purchase my carry-on bag online, it then took me to the next page of options of purchasing my seat assignment (I didn’t) and then it took me to the “Shortcut Boarding” option and “GreenUp” options. My surprise was the page told me that with a carry-on I was automatically eligible for “Shortcut Boarding”. So if you pay the extra $5 (each way) for a carry-on instead of a checked bag, it will include “Shortcut Boarding”, which is normally $5.99 each way.

This is my first time taking a carry-on bag on Spirit, and my first flight to Las Vegas on Spirit. I will keep everyone posted on how different (or not) the flights to Vegas are compared to other destinations.

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