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Spirit Airlines Never Has a Second Cup of Coffee at Home

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I went to DFW today to buy tickets for our flights on Spirit in May. It probably saved us about $100 (taking into consideration the price of gas and parking fees). There is a lot of construction that’s been going on for what seems like forever. Dealing with the Charlie Foxtrot that is the construction at DFW and the surrounding roads I was ready to say it wasn’t worth saving the $100.

Heels First reader Nicole asked me a question on a previous post. She called and talked to a Spirit employee who told her tickets would be more expensive at the airport. This is not normally true. Maybe the employee misunderstood, it is definitely cheaper to purchase your BAGS online than at the airport, but it is still almost always cheaper to buy your tickets at the airport.

Spirit charges a $17.99 usage fee per person per way on each ticket. It used to be $16.99 but increased last year.

Buying our tickets at the airport saved us $107.94 for three round-trip tickets.

An exception to this is sometimes you can $9 Fare tickets online that are cheaper than going to the airport. And sometimes if they do a $35 off or $50 off coupon online; tickets will cost the same or be cheaper online. But if there isn’t a $9 Fare Club offer and there isn’t a $35 or $50 online coupon, then it will be cheaper to buy a regular ticket at the airport than online.

A girl at the airport asked me today if any other airline charges more to purchase tickets online than at the airport. The only one I thought of that might is Frontier since they have a lot of similarities with Spirit. I went to Frontier’s website and this is what is said:

“We make booking directly with Frontier easy. We do not charge any service fees to book a ticket with us on FlyFrontier.com.

When you book with us at FlyFrontier.com or through our Reservations Department, we will send you an email copy of your flight itinerary. We do charge a fee of $5 if you request a paper receipt or a paper copy of your flight itinerary via the mail.”

Yes, that isn’t as bad as a $17.99 usage fee; but it’s still nickel and diming a bit.

Last week, for the first time, I received an E-mail notification that my $9 Club membership will automatically renew next month.

This evening I received an E-mail confirmation for our flights that I purchased at the airport today. No joke, this is the first time that’s happened when I purchased tickets at the airport. Spirit’s had my E-mail in their system so it’s not like today is the first time I gave them my E-mail when I was at the airport.

The lady at the ticket counter was great, she even asked me if I knew it was cheaper to purchase my bags online than at the airport and told me I didn’t have to worry about purchasing seats just to sit together with my kids. I asked her if my kids reached a certain age would I have to worry about that, and she told me that as long as people are on the same reservation they’ll be seated together. You may not have the best seats (e.g. the back of the plane) but you’ll be seated together.

Also, a reminder since this happened while I was at the airport today, if for some reason you cannot check-in online, you need to check-in at the airport no more than 45 minutes before your flight if you’re flying to Atlanta, Cleveland, Chicago, New York LaGuardia, Dallas, Denver, Fort Lauderdale, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Orlando, Minneapolis, Baltimore, Tampa and San Juan. And you have to check-in no later than 60 minutes for international and U.S.V.I. flights. If something happens and you can’t check-in online make sure to give yourself plenty of time to get to the airport and check-in there.

And as to my opinion about the $69 fares in celebration of their 69th aircraft today; I like it. If you’re going to have tacky ads (this one is not even close to the worst I’ve seen) I say own it. Plus, it ended up saving us about $30.


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