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How to Purchase Tickets on Spirit Airlines

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How to Purchase Tickets on Spirit Airlines

spiritairlinesWhen purchasing tickets on Spirit I usually recommend buying your tickets at Spirit’s ticket counter at the airport. This saves you $33.98 per round-trip ticket (a $16.99 passenger usage fee each way) compared to buying tickets online. There are times when I recommend NOT to do this as well.

If going to the airport to purchase a ticket would cost you MORE than buying them online.

I understand that not everyone lives near a major airport and the cost of going to the airport to purchase tickets may be more cost-prohibitive than buying your tickets online. However, Spirit often has sales, so I would recommend keeping your eye out for times when you can save money by buying tickets online.

$24 OFF Sales.

spiritairlinesSpirit often has sales where you can save $24 off any round trip ticket. This brings your cost down to only $10 more per round-trip ticket if you purchase them online vs. going to the airport. Occasionally they’ll have a $35 off sale where I DEFINITELY recommend buying online because that’s more savings than you’d get purchasing your tickets at the airport.

Typically these promotions only run for certain dates (read: non-holiday seasons) and are good for flights on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, or Saturdays. For example, the last $35 off sale I saw was for early September (after Labor Day weekend) through early October (before Columbus Day weekend). The last $24 off sale I saw was for dates after Labor Day weekend through mid-November.

$9 Club Fares

If you see a good $9 Club Fare it may be worth it to purchase a membership to take advantage of these deals (plus you get a discount on baggage fees). $9 Fare club rates are only available if you purchase tickets online. You cannot get these rates for buying tickets at the airport or over the phone. Usually the savings range from $10 – $20 each way, but I have seen savings as much as $50 for flights to Mexico for example, so it’s always worth checking into. And only one person on the reservation has to be a $9 club fare member, you can purchase the same ticket rate for up to 8 people on your reservation, and the baggage fee discounts apply to them as well.

When to buy your ticket

spiritairlinesIf you decide to buy your tickets at the airport, you need to make sure the Spirit counters are open at the time you plan on going. At DFW it’s easy since it’s one of Spirit’s hubs and they are open approximately 22 hours a day, 7 days a week. If they have less frequent flights where you live a good rule-of-thumb is 2 1/2 hours before the first flight of the day until the last flight of the day takes off.

If Spirit has a group of morning flights, then a group of evening flights they may close in the middle of the afternoon, that’s typical for any airline that has blocks of time with no flights going out.
They will have two lines for the ticket counters; one is the “Fast Bag Drop” line and the other is the “Full Service” line. If you’re going to buy tickets you need to get in the “Full Service” line. It also makes it easier if you look online ahead of time and know what days and times you want to fly out on.


If you end up purchasing your tickets online DO NOT buy your bags at the airport. The baggage fees are more expensive at the airport even if you’re purchasing your bags months in advance. Wait and buy them online later, that will save you either $5 or $15 a bag for non $9 fare-club members, and between $14-$26 a bag if you’re a $9 fare club member.

Like anything, there is no “one-size-fits-all” answer to buying tickets on Spirit. What works best for me, may not work for you in your situation. Even though I usually buy my tickets at the airport, there have been times when it made more sense to buy them online. There’s a famous quote “flexibility is the key to air power”, well I would change it to “flexibility is the key to getting the best deal on Spirit Airlines”.

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