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Spirit May Not Be the Evil Empire After All (and the $9 fare club)

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Since I get this question a lot; no I do not get any compensation for writing positive reviews about Spirit Airlines. I know people have had horrible experiences with them, I don’t doubt that. My point is (usually) that horrible experiences with Spirit are no better/worse than any other airline. I’ve flown on at least eight other carriers over the last two years in addition to flying on Spirit so I’m constantly mentally comparing different airlines and the pros/cons of each.

I was pleasantly surprised today that I received a reminder E-mail from Spirit that my $9 Fare Club membership is going to be automatically renewed next month. I have 30 days from today to cancel it without being charged. The even better thing is I don’t have to call anyone to cancel it; I can do it online.

The down-side to this is if I decide to cancel it early it will be effective immediately and I won’t get my last month of membership.

Even though the price has gone up $10 (it’s $69.95 for the year, not $59.95) I will probably keep it. At worst we’ve broken even with the membership, at best it’s saved us $30-$40 over the year. It’s not a substantial savings; but it’s enough for me not to cancel it this year.

Price and schedule are our first priorities when booking flights. If other airlines are more competitive and have better rates that fit us better I have no problem flying on them. With DFW being one of their hubs, I still see Spirit being our best option when flying in the continental U.S.


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