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When Does it NOT Make Sense to Use Spirit Airlines “Fast Bag Drop” Line?

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Some days we’ve arrived at the airport to see the Spirit “Fast Bag Drop” line very long. Especially compared to the full service line. Normally they have more desk agents helping the “Fast Bag Drop” line and only one (or two) max assisting the full service line.

You are eligible for the “Fast Bag Drop” line when you have paid for your checked bags AND checked in online.

fast bag drop

This is what will be at the top of your boarding pass if you’re eligible for the “Fast Bag Drop” line.

Now, if the Fast Bag Drop line looks really long and the full service line is much shorter by comparison, does it make sense to go in the full service line? The honest answer is: sometimes. Even if the “Fast Bag Drop” line is longer, it usually moves quickly because people have already checked in and paid for their bags and they have more desk agents assisting those in the “Fast Bag Drop” line. In the full service line you can end up getting behind someone like me who is only there to purchase tickets for a future flight. Other times, there are so many people in the “Fast Bag Drop” line the full service line does move quicker.

Yesterday we were flying home from Orlando and the full service line definitely was moving quicker than the fast bag drop line. Since we weren’t running late and I didn’t think missing our flight was an issue, I went ahead and waited in the fast bag drop line.

The best idea I saw was when a party split up and had one person wait in the full service line and the other wait in the “Fast Bag Drop” line to see who got there first. Granted, if you’re flying with kids that isn’t always the best option. Sometimes the full service line is shorter because it does take longer, but if your party can split up and wait in separate lines, that’s what I’d recommend.


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