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Do You Have to Pay to Upgrade Every Leg on a Spirit Flight?

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spirit airlinesConfession time, I’ve never flown on a Spirit flight that wasn’t a non-stop for me. As long as we’re flying in the U.S., there’s almost no route that doesn’t have a non-stop from DFW.

I got a question from a reader the other day asking if you have to pay for your seats for each individual leg of the flight. My honest answer was, I’m not sure. If I had to guess I would say you probably would have to (this is Spirit Airlines after all), but I’ve never done it.

To find out I pretended to book a flight from DFW to Niagara Falls which requires a stop in Ft Lauderdale.

I continued on as if I was going to purchase the flight and got to the options to purchase my seats. You do have to purchase your seat for each leg of the flight, and you can chose to purchase whichever legs you want. The prices vary on each leg depending on how far you’re going. If one of your flights is over three hours, and the other is only an hour, the prices will be cheaper on the shorter leg of your flight. You can opt to upgrade to a “Big Front Seat” for one leg, an exit row seat for another leg, or even chose to not upgrade at all for some legs of your flight.

To answer the question, yes, you have to pay to upgrade for each leg of your flight. The positive side is there is flexibility in how much you want to pay. If one flight you only want to pay for an aisle seat towards the front, but on a longer flight you want to pay for an exit row seat you can do that as long as the seats are still available on those flights.

Hope this helps everyone!


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