Recommendations for Smartphone Gloves?

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I know I’m a little late to the game this season but after wandering around Vancouver in the cold, freezing my hands off every time I wanted to take a picture, I’ve decided I need to get a pair of smart phone gloves. Which would also help outfit me if I am able to find an affordable flight to Alaska before the spring.

I’ve been tempted by the cheap $3 wool versions I see at Target, but I’d like a pair that can replace my existing gloves and have been tempted by several leather options on Sierra Trading Post which are an affordable $20-$24 if you’re signed up for their Deal Newsletters.



What I don’t know is how compatible they should be? Is one finger enough or do I need a pair with all fingers touch screen responsive? They only problem with the latter is the selection tends to be a little more sporty than professional.

I would welcome any and all reader recommendations for touchscreen gloves you do or don’t like!


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