My New Favorite Travel Toothbrush

a toothbrush in a case next to a laptop
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Years ago I embarked on a quest to find a travel toothbrush that would work for all my trips. Having finally embraced a electric toothbrush for daily use, I hated going back to “manual” toothbrushes on trips, especially when I was gone for a week or more.

Then I discovered the Oral-B 3D White Action Battery-Powered Travel Toothbrush. ~$5 and lasting for 2+ years worth of trips without needing a new battery.

But I had my eye on the pricey, Philips Sonic Care Diamond Clean Electric Toothbrush which was made with the traveler in mind. At an average price of $189, I couldn’t justify it just for travel, but when it was time to get a new electric toothbrush at home early this year, I jumped on the opportunity.

a toothbrush and a glass with a case

It was a good choice!A big upgrade for me from the Oral B PC 1000 electric toothbrush. I love the Diamond Clean’s 5 cleaning options as well as the timer that signals when to move to the next section. Definitely seen a difference in how my teeth and gums feel.

And when it comes to trips, it’s the best toothbrush for travel I’ve found that doesn’t compromise on performance.

  • Slim traveling case which doubles as a charger. It’s only little larger than an eyeglass case and charges via USB which is great for longer trips. I don’t have to worry about bringing a separate charging base and dealing with more power cords.  a toothbrush in a case next to a laptop
  • Small handle size means I can skip the carrying case on shorter trips and just tuck it right into my overnight bag. a person holding a toothbrush
  • Battery life is good. I still bring the charging case for trips of a week or more but never have a problem with the battery running down after a week of no charging.
  • Fun color options have nothing to do with travel, but just like when I was a kid, I admit I enjoyed getting to pick my favorite color. 🙂

It’s not all perfect, though my complaints are few.

  • The USB cord is mini, not micro, so it does require remembering to pack  a different cord than my phone, camera, etc.
  • The green charging light is hard to see, so I’ve on a handful of short trips I’ve wound up with an unexpectedly low battery.
  • The settings can only be changed when you’re using the toothbrush, which means you need a mirror to see which one you’re on.

Given the price, I’m not suggesting everyone run out and buy one for travel, but if you’re already in need of a new electric toothbrush and have a tendency to jetset, this is a great choice!

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