Get a Free Brushee Travel Toothbrush

a toothbrush in water

Via Slickdeals, you can become a Brushee Product Tester and get their disposable travel toothbrush for free. I’d never heard of Brushee before now, but I’m genuinely interested in their product — toothpaste already on the bristles, floss and a toothpick, all in just 4.5 inches. Apparently water is optional.a box of a brush

I’m still a devoted fan of my Diamondclean Sonicare electric toothbrush, but the idea of being able to keep something so compact in my carry on or purse for short trips or meetings is appealing.

Looks like they retail for ~$1 on Amazon, so you decide if the time and personal information is worth it. 🙂 Note they do ask for a phone number and why you want to test their toothbrush. That suggests they might be screening entries, so take a minute to write a thoughtful answer.a screenshot of a web page


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