Total Power Outage at DCA Airport?

a group of people in a dark room

Heads up to anyone traveling out of Reagan National Airport tonight or scheduled to be on a plane coming from DCA. A friend just texted me from the airport where apparently all the power has gone out. She was flying out of Gate 35x and had just boarded the shuttle bus to her flight when all the lights inside went out. Everyone was required to get off the bus and return to the dark terminal.a blurry image of a person sitting in a dark room

a group of people in a dark room

An airport worker told her there was no power in the entire airport. There is zero lighting in the downstairs area of Gate 35x, but looks like there might emergency lighting in the main terminals.

No telling how long this outage will last, so if you’re flying tonight, double check your flight status to make sure you’re not affected. Even if you’re not flying out of DCA, there’s a slight chance your aircraft might be coming from here.

I’ll keep you posted as I get updates.

Update 10:16PM ET

Power came back on briefly and then went out again. Apparently they not receiving power from either feeder and running on generator power.

Update 10:29PM ET

Passengers at Gate 35x are lining up to board buses once again, power is still out.

Update: 11:03PM ET

Passengers from Gate 35x have started boarding their planes. Pilot said the power outage was due to a fire in Terminal B?

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