WTSO Cheapskate Marathon: Online Wine Deals $8.99 and Up

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Note: I do not receive compensation for linking to WTSO, I’m just a big fan.

Today is Wines Til Sold Out’s annual Cheapskate Marathon where you can pick up highly rated bottles of wine from around the world for $8.99-$18.99 from 7:00am – 11:59pm EST, July 24. The wines are usually from small producers that you won’t find in grocery stores and are lucky to find in your local wine shop. The best part is they’re 30-70% off. a diagram of a cost of wine

A few things to note about WTSO’s Cheapskate Marathon:

  • WTSO sells one wine at a time until it sells out. On marathon days, the wines change every 15 minutes or sooner.
  • Free shipping on 4+ bottles of the same wine. A good deal since the inexpensive wines typically have a minimum shipping of 6+ bottles.
  • No emails or push notifications will be sent out today, so keep their website up or check frequently on Twitter and the mobile app.

The actual discount you’re getting can vary — what matters is whether you think you’ll value the wine you’re buying at the price you’re paying, even if it isn’t actually 70% off retail price. If you’re on the fence you can always use Wine-searcher.com to see how much the wine is selling for and whether you can find it somewhere nearby.

WTSO is also behind the awesome Weekly Tasting in-home wine tasting box.

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