High Spirits at Zac Brown’s Distillery

a group of bottles of liquor

 Over 4th of July I once again found myself in the North Carolina foothills. I had flown into Atlanta and Waze wound up sending me across the state on backroads to avoid traffic. As I was hurrying to meet my friends and begin relaxing, I kept seeing signs for Z. Brown Distillery in Dahlonega, GA.
I knew there were wineries in the area, but wasn’t aware of distilleries, and I finally decided I would stop if it was directly on my way. This seemed unlikely as Waze was taking me down the most random country roads, but if it happened, I would turn in. a sign on a wall next to a building
Sure enough, it was right on my road. An entrance so subtle I actually drove past it and had to turn around.
A modest, modern building on the outside so it was a little bit of a surprise to open the door and walk into a fully stocked gift store boasting a plethora of Zac Brown Band merchandise and windows looking into the distillery operations.
a building with a storage tank
a building with barrels and benches
a group of people at a counter
a room with a black wall and a black wall with a chandelier and a black wall with a black wall and a black ceiling with a black wall with a black wall with a black wall
a glass window with barrels and a bottle of liquid
And there was a modest table for tasting their four craft distillations. I rarely consume liquor as I much prefer wine, and lately, craft beer. But I’m always up to try new things and I was impressed. They make two whiskeys, a gin, and an “immature” brandy.
a group of bottles of alcohol on a table
Both whiskey blends were surprisingly smooth and flavorful, even the 120 proof. The immature brandy is made from local grapes and aged in Pinot Noir barrels from Brown’s winery in Napa. It has a nose of butterscotch and a less harsh finish than I typically expect. The gin, which I typically do not care for, was surprisingly good. The flavors of lavender, juniper, and other elements coming from all natural infusions.
The tastings are free and the staff both friendly and knowledgeable. So far they haven’t done any traditional advertising, just the signs put up by the county so it was interested to see how crowded the tasting room was. If you’re a fan of craft liquors and find yourself in the Helen/Dahlonega area, Z. Brown Distillery is definitely worth a stop.

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