Act Fast: Free Riedel Glasses With Wine Gift Card Purchase & More

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Highlights and headlines from around the web:

  • One of my favorite stores to buy wine online has a “secret” last minute father’s day special going on. Be one of the first 150 to buy a gift card of $25 or more by June 18 and get a free set of two exclusive WTSO Riedel crystal pinot noir glasses. That’s a great deal as Riedel is both wonderful and pricey! And $25 can often buy one, if not two, great bottles on WTSO. As of the time of posting, there were still a lot of glasses to give away (I checked).To take advantage of this deal, go to the gift certificate page and make a purchase of at least $25. If you’re one of the first 150 they will email you to get the shipping address for the glasses. It can be the gift card recipient, or anyone you want, including yourself.
  • United will soon be serving deep dish pizza on some economy flights.
  • JetBlue and Delta are testing facial recognition at the airport for processes like checking bags or boarding planes. Supposedly this will help free up agents for higher priority uses. I’m a little skeptical. I was all excited about the facial recognition lock on my new phone a few years back, but eventually had to disable it because no matter how much “learning” it did, I apparently don’t look like myself when flying early in the morning or late at night. Not only did I then have to resort to the keypad, I also felt worse about myself.
  • Airbnb is striving to standardize guest experiences and become more like hotels. This is likely to encourage me to stay more often as I tend to like a degree of privacy and solitude after a long day of work or travel. But this is posing a problem for some hosts who enjoy hosting guests because of the camaraderie. Are you more or less likely to use Airbnb if stays become more predictable.
  • And in more airline news, Southwest wants to help passengers get on and off the plane much quicker and will experiment with using doors at the rear of the cabin as well as the front to load and unload passengers. This practice is already fairly common in Europe and Asia (and probably other places I haven’t been) and does speed things up a lot for those in the back.
  • Send more wine. A 2,600 year old letter is deciphered. 🙂

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