How to Get a Free Slurpee Today, the Best Hotel in the World & More

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Highlights and headlines from around the web:

  • Today is not just Amazon Prime Day, it’s also 7-Eleven’s birthday, which means FREE SLURPEES! Get a free Slurpee at participating 7-Elevens today 11AM-7PM. If you’re really into Slurpees, if you buy 7 July 12-18th via their app, you will get 11 free Slurpees.
  • Today is also Cow Appreciation Day — dress up like one and visit your local Chick-fil-A today to get a free entree.
  • It is Amazon Prime Day if you somehow missed it…I’m finding some decent deals here and there, mostly on products I was already in the market for. I have an Echo, so I’m focused on some of the upcoming gift card offers including AirBnB, Regal Cinema, Cabela’s, and Dollar Shave Club. Unfortunately I missed the Uber deal. 😞

In other news…

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