How Groupon+ Restaurant Cashback Works

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Living Social Restaurants Plus is no more, but it looks like Groupon is now offering up to 30% cashback for dining out at select restaurants Participating is easy, though requires advance planning and currently is not available in every region.

How Groupon Restaurant Cashback Works

  1. Login to your account (or create one) and register your credit or debit cards
  2. Search the Groupon website for cashback restaurant deals in your area
  3. Claim the cashback deal(s) you want. Note: you only have 30 days to redeem an offer once you’ve claimed it and must be claimed prior to your card being charged.
  4. Pay for you meal with one of your registered cards.
  5. Your credit statement will reflect a credit in the amount of the cashback.

How is Groupon Restaurant Cashback Different From Living Social?
It’s a little different and not as effortless as the Living Social model, with Living Social you registered your credit cards and automatically earned cashback from participating restaurants.

  • Groupon requires you to register for each restaurant in advance.
  • You earn up to 30% cashback with your first purchase at each restaurant and only 10% on subsequent dines.
  • Earnings are static and can be earned even during peak times including Friday and Saturday nights. With Living Social, the percentage earned varied, with higher cashback on less popular days and times.

I haven’t had a chance to test this yet, but it should stack on any restaurant bonuses your credit card offers.

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