Win Access to the Only Airport Gym Inside Security

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Earlier this month I wrote about ROAM Fitness, a new company with (as far as I know) the only airside gym in the US. That’s right, a real gym with good machines, nice showers, and even free work out clothing rentals, just a few gates away from your flight.

Probably the only time someone would be glad for an extra long layover at BWI 🙂 Read the full review. 

In addition to letting me try out their facilities, the good folks at Roam Fitness also gave me 4 passes for Heels First Travel readers! Not wanting to feel the burn? You can also just use the pass to access the only showers at BWI.

Right now BWI is the only location but they have plans for two more airports this year, the pass would work for any ROAM location.

Enter now through midnight Wednesday, July 19.
ROAM Fitness Airport Gym Pass

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