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Want to Work Out at the Airport Before Your Flight? Now You Can

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Finally finally finally there’s a real airport gym past the TSA checkpoint! And I don’t mean the hidden fitness room at the Dallas Admirals Club or the yoga rooms you occasionally see in some airports. I mean a proper (though petite) gym with weights, machines, workout clothes rentals, and showers!

Because let’s face it, if your year has been anything like mine so far, I’ve spent far too much time in planes and in restaurants and not enough time at the gym. Roam Fitness is out to change that!

Located at BWI between terminals D & E, they’re the only airport gym in the US past TSA security, and will expand to two more locations (rumor has it on the east coast) this year with more planned for 2018.

Why you should you be as excited as I am?

Clothes Rental is Included
You don’t have lug around workout clothes, your day pass (or membership) includes lululemon gear! For men, tshirts and shorts, women have a selection of tanks, tshirts, shorts, cropped pants, and sports bras up to size 12. They also have shoes, carefully cleaned between users.

Men’s Clothing Options

Women’s Rental Options

The one thing they don’t have are socks. So either plan ahead and bring your own or just plan to spend $14.99 to buy a nice pair onsite. lululemon clothes are also available for purchase.

And if you do wear your own they’ll vaccum pack your used clothes so you don’t stink up your carryon. 🙂

The Workout Options
Roam Fitness makes the most of their space, offering two treadmills, an elliptical, a recumbent bike, a spin bike, a rower, and a funky looking Skill Mill. There’s also space dedicated to weight lifting with as many options as you’ll see in some hotel gyms.

There’s a small but well equipped stretching area as well.

Privacy was one of the first things that came to mind they’ve done a good job with that. Though travelers will be able to see you as they’re headed towards the E terminal, the glass wall to the terminal is frosted so visibility is limited. However, an emergency exit located in the stretching area is clear glass, so you might be on view to anyone hanging out in that gate area.

State of the art lockers are available so you don’t have to lug your stuff around to each area AND you can charge your electronics while working out.

I will note the only thing about the gym I was not thrilled with is the lockers are not big enough to fit most rollerboards. You can leave your bag next to the lockers since it’s visible to the staff, but if the gym gets busy, I would worry someone in the gym could walk off with it unnoticed.

These are the only showers at BWI! So even if you don’t feel like working out, there are times where it might be worth getting a pass just to grab a shower after a red eye. There are 4 showers, all outfitted with Malin+Goetz amenities and an Amazon tap to help you keep track of the time.

They even have extra hair ties and other amenities if you forget yours

Amazon tap to keep you on-time

Malin+Goetz? Yes please!

Showers can be reserved in 15 minute time slots at check in, or if you have a membership, up to 24 hours in advance guaranteeing you won’t have to get on the plane sweaty.

The Price
This is the best part, it’s really affordable at $25 for a day pass, less than you’d pay for a lounge! And once they have more locations you’ll be able to use any and every location that day, so workout before your first flight, then do some stretching during your layover, etc.

They’ve also partnered up with The Club at BWI, for $50 you can get a pass to both, a savings of $15.

Priority Pass members get 20% off. Annual passes are only $350 and they also offer military discounts.

Now I just need them to expand as quickly as possible! It would be amazing if layovers actually improved my quality of life. 🙂

Snacks and other amenities for purchase

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