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The “Secret” Lounge Within a Lounge

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There’s a “secret” lounge within a lounge at one of the DFW Admirals Clubs. And it meets a longstanding wish of mine — is it has a gym!

That’s right, you can hit the stair stepper, treadmill, or bike during a long layover in Terminal A.

airport gym admirals club dfw

Even better news is that the gym is right next door to seven shower rooms which quite possibly have some of the best water pressure among domestic airport lounge showers.

admirals club dfw shower rooms flagship lounge

There’s also a very quiet lounge area as well. So how do you get to it and why does it exist?

Go to the Admirals Club in Terminal A across from Gate 23. As you come up the stairs or elevator on the second floor, take an immediate right and you’ll see the door marked Arrivals Lounge on your right. The sitting area is directly ahead and showers and the gym are to your left down the hall.

Apparently it’s the former Flagship Lounge, which has become more seating for the rest of the club so everyone is welcome but few know about it.

The gym is certainly not exotic, but it’s the only US airport gym I know that doesn’t require leaving security. If you’re traveling elsewhere or looking for a wider array of equipment, lists in-airport options (usually hotels) or those a short cab ride away.

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