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JAL First Class Lounge in Narita

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Thanks to JAL’s First Class/Sakura Lounge in Narita, I was able to relax and compose myself a little between my recent Dreamliner flights. My flight from Chicago had been delayed, leaving me barely 60 minutes to get through transit security and to the gate of my Bangkok flight.

Turns out that was more than enough. I arrived at the JAL gate with 20 minutes before boarding and the gate staff actively encouraged me to go wait at least a half hour in the lounge, as boarding was usually delayed.

a sign on a wall

So I made my way to the Sakura Lounge a few gates down in the satellite terminal. Attempts to photograph the opulant lobby were abandoned as I was overwhelmed by 5-6 agents ready to check me in and escort me to the First Class section of the lounge.

a room with chairs and a table

The lounge was deceptively spacious, somewhat narrow in width but expanding much farther back then I expected and with lots of little nooks giving it a semi-private feel.

A nice selection of beverages, including some Yarden wines I had tasted during my trip to Golan Heights.

a bar with many bottles of alcohol

a group of bottles in a bucket

I was still stuffed from the previous flight, and felt underwhelmed by the food selection at first, which just appeared to be a few appetizers. That’s because I had missed the dining room around the corner.

a room with a flower vase and chairs

Pleasant seating and a long counter with both Japanese and western options, including the famed Maison Kayser breads.

a buffet line with food on it

a buffet table with food on it

a table with food on it

a plate of food on a table

a trays of food on a table

Not a lounge I’d want to spend hours in but certainly was a nice respite after my sprint through the terminals.

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  1. Did you have the sushi? The Narita JAL First Class Lounge sushi is, no joke, some of the best sushi I’ve ever had in my life. And I’m not the only one who thinks so, and I’m not the only one who is surprised to think so.

  2. The sushi chef is in the Sakura lounge in the main part of Terminal 2. It’s great! Also much larger selection of food, but typically more crowded.

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