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Weekend in Bangkok: AA Flagship Lounge Chicago Review

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Even after all these years, exploring new airport lounges never gets old! So I was probably a little too excited when my spa weekend in Bangkok offered me a chance to check out American Airlines Flagship Lounge in Chicago for the first time.

AA Flagship Lounge Chicago Entrance

My early morning flight from DC deplaned on the other side of the lounge in the K Terminal, so it was just a short jaunt through the food court to get to the airport lounge front door. There weren’t many people at 9AM on a Thursday morning though it started to fill up around 10:30AM.

american airlines flagship lounge chicago entrance

aa flagship lounge chicago quiet room

Chicago Flagship Lounge Quiet Room

american airlines flagship lounge chicago workcenter

Chicago Flagship Lounge Business Center

aa flagship lounge chicago seating

american airlines flagship lounge chicago seating

Chicago Flagship Lounge “dining area”

After checking out the various spaces, I opted for a corner with power outlets rather than a view, and settled in to try to get some work done. Because American Admirals Clubs aren’t particularly known for good food or beverages, I was keeping an eye on the Flagship Lounge food presentations. Breakfast had a nice array of fruit, bread, charcuterie and cheese, and hot options like American’s infamous fritattas and sausage.

aa flagship lounge chicago breakfast presentation

american airlines flagship lounge chicago breakfast meat

american airlines flagship lounge chicago hot breakfast

Lunch had a variety of sushi options, salads, and some hot chicken and green beans selections. I liked the wine options which included Tattinger and closer to lunch did a mini rose tasting (the Charles & Charles Rose is pretty refreshing).

american airlines flagship lounge chicago beverages

aa flagship lounge chicago champagne

aa flagship lounge chicago wine rose

Bathroom was nice-ish, but small.

american airlines flagship lounge chicago bathroom decor

american airlines flagship lounge chicago bathroom

No showers in the Chicago Flagship Lounge

Note that it does not have showers, so if you want a shower coming in from an international flight you’ll need to go to the Chicago Admirals Club between Terminal H & K.

I stopped by on my return and found the showers were your typical spacious AA lounge showers, but that the lounge itself was quite busy and crowded. So as soon as I’d freshened up I went to the Flagship Lounge.

One of the interesting (and helpful) features to the lounge is its back exit. You can’t get in that way, but if your flight is leaving on the other side of the K terminal you can go out the convenient back door.

american airlines flagship lounge chicago backdoor

And no need to worry, like I did, that some kind of security bell/fire alarm was going to go off when you try it.

American Airlines Flagship Lounge Access

Perks like this are what make my crazy mileage runs or status worthwhile. You can get into AA Flagship Lounges if you meet any of the following requirements:

  • AA Executive Platinum flying internationally the same day in any cabin (Canada, Mexico, and Carribbean excluded)
  • Traveling in international (or 3-class transcontinental) First Class
  • oneworld Emerald members flying American or a oneworld flight

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