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Mango Sticky Rice Blizzards Are a Thing

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When I travel internationally I typically try to experience local cuisine and avoid chains. But to some degree, if you really want to eat like the locals, you’re going to wind up at a chain.

The good news is you probably won’t recognize the menu at many familiar fast food brands when traveling internationally. For example, the super popular KFCs in Kuala Lumpur have a far more interesting (and spicy) array of options. And I’ll never forget trying the sweet broccoli pie at McDonald’s though it wound up as unappetizing as it sounded.

mcdonalds thailand broccoli pie

So on this recent trip to Bangkok it wasn’t hard for my friend to talk me into trying Dairy Queen’s Mango themed blizzards. I love mango and sticky rice. My friend got the mango carnada (still not sure what that was).Dairy queen thailand mango sticky rice blizzard

Neither was good. Fake mango flavoring is terrible, especially since Thailand has really good fresh mangos. The sticky rice topping was actually decent, but still couldn’t redeem it.

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