Mango Sticky Rice Blizzards Are a Thing

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When I travel internationally I typically try to experience local cuisine and avoid chains. But to some degree, if you really want to eat like the locals, you’re going to wind up at a chain.

The good news is you probably won’t recognize the menu at many familiar fast food brands when traveling internationally. For example, the super popular KFCs in Kuala Lumpur have a far more interesting (and spicy) array of options. And I’ll never forget trying the sweet broccoli pie at McDonald’s though it wound up as unappetizing as it sounded.

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So on this recent trip to Bangkok it wasn’t hard for my friend to talk me into trying Dairy Queen’s Mango themed blizzards. I love mango and sticky rice. My friend got the mango carnada (still not sure what that was).a cup of ice cream with rice and a spoon

Neither was good. Fake mango flavoring is terrible, especially since Thailand has really good fresh mangos. The sticky rice topping was actually decent, but still couldn’t redeem it.

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  1. I like that you were brave and tried it. I like MCD in Bangkok as well. But the street food and food courts in Central World Thonglor and Paragon are unbeatable.

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