Insane Deal: Fly Roundtrip to New Zealand for $200

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Sharing for any readers who don’t also read View from the Wing (you should): New Zealand Flights for $225 Roundtrip, Lowest Price Ever.

Quantas has super cheap flights from San Francisco to Auckland July 1 through the end of September and the end of October through November. I’ve had to play around with various dates, but it looks like your trip must be a minimum of 8-10 days long.

a calendar with numbers and a number on ita calendar with numbers and a few days of the week a screenshot of a calendarMy one visit to New Zealand was only 2 1/2 days long, and though I saw a lot of the North Island, I would definitely want to go back for longer! And if you’re flying economy, you’ll want some extra days to recouperate.

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Wine tasting on the North Island

Google Flights is showing all options for $366, but when I clicked through to CheapOAir, the price dropped to $200.26 (without selecting seats).

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I haven’t attempted to purchase this flight, so your results may vary. And you might want to pay the extra to go through Orbitz, Priceline, or directly through Quantas to increase the likelihood the deal is ticketed.

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Is this mileage run worthy? This deal is definitely worth it if you’ve been wanting to go to New Zealand for ages and didn’t want to spend $1000 on a ticket. If you’re doing it just/mostly for the miles, do some research. And if you’re thinking of booking it as a mileage run, do a little research to confirm how much you’ll earn. Alaska Airlines will award 100% miles flown for a Q fare on Qantas, but American Airlines only credits 25%.

Probably not upgradable. If you book a codeshare on American Airlines metal, you can’t use miles or upgrade certs to bump up to business class.

As always with these deals, act fast, as in the next hour or two. Even sales can end in a hurry! And remember, if you do book via a site like Orbitz, you have 24 hours to cancel after purchase.



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