Lufthansa’s Student Airfare Discount Program

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The days of discount student airfare through AirTran U and Jetblue’s 11% off deal are over, so I was excited (for others) when a friend told me about Lufthansa’s program for students and young travelers. On the outset it looks like a pretty great deal. The cheapest tickets AND extra flexibility. Sounds pretty great.

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The trick is whether you can actually find a student fare and it’s not clear when/if the extra flexibility applies if you’re purchasing a regular fare. I did searches across a range of dates and didn’t turn up anything labeled as a student fare.

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And it didn’t help that the search function on the student site was confusing. You have to enter in your destinations and dates, but then it just kicks you to the main (blank) search form. And using Student Universe’s Lufthansa Student Discount search (which is no different than any other airfare search engine) revealed most other carriers were cheaper. Hmmmm.

Still, if you have a .edu address, it’s free to sign up and you might get lucky with a cheaper fare or at least better benefits on your chosen dates. It’s open to full-time students under 35 and anyone under 26 provided they have a .edu address and IYIC/ISIC card. Travel must start in the USA.

Would be interested to know if anyone has had success using this program?

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