Best Places to Eat in Chiang Mai

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When I decided to spend a few days in Chiang Mai last February, I asked my friends at Wanderrlust for dining recommendations. Not only do we share the same love of interesting food and spice levels (more=better), they had taken a year off to travel all over Southeast Asia and beyond (mostly on scooters) and had spent quite a bit of time in Chiang Mai.

Chiang Mai is definitely a foodie paradise, but as luck had it, I wound up without much free time or hunger (thanks to the city’s haze of wood smoke), so I wasn’t able to try out many places. Sharing in case anyone else can!

🍴 Lamduon Fahrm Kaosoi for Khao Soi, also try their Nam phrik with veggies and pork rinds

🍴 Good Morning Chiang Mai if you need a relaxing and nice place to do work and have a coffee. Blue Diamond is great for work too, and their breakfast is awesome!  We also like Cafe de ThaanAoan.

🍴 We’s Restaurant for great penang curry and also khao soi

🍴 Huen Phen for an amazing northern Thai dinner, particulary the gaeng hang lay, northern pork curry

🍴 Kho Jao Market for the honey roast chicken stall (on the far left) and the som tam stall (just outside the market)

🍴 Warorot market for Chiang Mai sausage and fermented pork sausage

🍴 SP Chicken for … seriously delicious grilled chicken

🍴 Dash Teak House for something a little more upscale but fun –the fried fish with cilantro sauce is amazing

🍴 Tacos Bell street food cart for Thai-inspired tacos

And if you haven’t visited Wanderrlust.com before, it’s definitely worth it for the fantastic photography as much as the stories!

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