3 Weeks in Asia: Bangkok Airways Chiang Mai Lounge & Flight to Bangkok

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Having remembered my overweight-luggage panic the year before when flying an Asian low-cost carrier, I was a little worried about flying Bangkok Airways with my giant purple suitcase. But with one way tickets only $60 and Thai Airways coming in at more than double, I couldn’t really justify spending more for an hour flight.

And then I did my research and discovered if you sign up for Bangkok Airways free loyalty program Flyer Bonus, you automatically get an extra 10kg of luggage and access to their boutique lounge. I definitely didn’t have 30kg of checked luggage so I breathed a sigh of relief.

I was also a little worried that I hadn’t arrived at the airport in time ( a little more than an hour) when I saw the crowds, but the actual check in lines were pretty clear.

Chiang Mai Airport Departures

Bangkok Airways Check In Chiang Mai Airport

And while Chaing Mai had felt very Thai, the Chiang Mai airport feels very western with it’s collection of shops and food options.

Chiang Mai Airport Dairy Queen

I headed up to the Boutique Lounge outside of security on the second floor, open to any Bangkok Airways passenger in their loyalty program.

Bangkok Airways Boutique Lounge Chiang Mai Airport

It was large and felt a little bare though despite the many seating options.

Chiang Mai Airport Bangkok Airways lounge seating

Chiang Mai Airport Bangkok Airways lounge seating area

There were juice machines, popcorn, and various thai snacks including Khao Tom Mud, banana sticky rice.

Chiang Mai Bangkok Airways Airport Lounge snacks

I was amused (and also appreciated) that they clarified you should unwrap the banana leaf before eating. 🙂

Chiang Mai Airport Bangkok Airways lounge Banana sticky rice

The gate area was a little bit of a madhouse as well, but I went down a little early and parked myself near the front so I could be among the first to board.

Chiang Mai Airport Bangkok Airways domestic gate

At this gate you walked a little ways outside to the plane, at which point I was totally done with Chiang Mai’s smokey pollution!

Chiang Mai Airport Bangkok Airways walk to plane

I had been a little worried about how small the seats would be, but though I didn’t have knee room to spare, it was comfortable enough for an hour flight.

Bangkok Airways economy seat chiang mai to bangkok

Bangkok Airways economy chiang mai to bangkok

And we were served a meal which consisted of a hotpocket-like main and a little cup of fruit, luxury for someone used to US domestic flights.

Bangkok Airways meal chiang mai to bangkok

For $60 for an hour flight I had no complaints!

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